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From 6/19, SPORTS AUTHORITY outlet sale space will appear on 1F, AEON MALL Rycom Village
We have many items at a discount of
The time is limited, please drop by and have a look

Schedule 19/06/2017 (Mon.) - 31/08/2017 (Thu.)
Hours 10:00~22:00
Place Rycom Village(Beside DAISO)

05/07/2017 updated

Today we have good news for you!


During 7/14 - 8/13, the customer paying with China UnionPay card can use one 500 yen coupon for one purchase over 5,000 yen in specified store. China UnionPay card will travel with you in this summer.
To get
the 500 yen coupons for free, please show your China UnionPay card in tax free counter or tourist information counter.
For further information, please refer to our official website

Schedule 14/07/2017 (Fri.) - 31/08/2017 (Thu.)

14/07/2017 updated

Haunted House Event ~Ghost Stories in school~


The summer is coming and Aeon Okinawa Rycom will have haunted house event.
As a Japanese tradition, summer is the best season for horror events. When your spines get chilly, you will surely forgot the heat in hot summer and feel cool
The summer vacation is so long. Even the real schools are all closed, Rycom
’s Haunted school will keep opening
It look like a school that you can find it everywhere in Japan, but something different is in the air…It might be too scary to see, but you will be curious about it…
This Summer Big Event, Haunted House Event
Ghost Stories in school will last until the real school starts!
More Ghosts will join after 8/11!
If you could not get excited enough in the normal version, Maybe you should try the level up one!
With the stub of the ticket, you can also enjoy special discounts in restaurants!
Let’s just enjoy the horror together

Ticket information
Adults (Middle school students or above): 800 yen (700 yen for advance ticket)
Children (Over 3 years old): 500 yen (400 yen for advanced ticket)
Advanced ticket will be sold until 7/14.
Children of 3 or above need tickets. Prices above are tax included price.

For advanced ticket
The advanced tickets will be sold between 7/1(Tue) and 7/14(Fri), in 2F Information Counter.


S’s LIVE 098866-1193(Main phone)

Schedule 15/07/2017 (Sat.) - 03/09/2017 (Sun.)
Hours 0:00~21:00(Last Entry: 20:30)
Place 3F Aeon Hall

23/06/2017 updated

Hakata//Yamadaya Newly Opened in Rycom


Please find seasonal handmade original designed Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) here.
You will feel the pleasure and Excitement of touching the real thing by all 5 senses!

Schedule 21/07/2017 (Fri.) - 03/09/2017 (Sun.)
Hours 10:00~19:00
Place Before Baskin Robbins, 4F

11/08/2017 updated

Rycom Kids-Playing Passport


Let’s have a Fun & Cool summer in AEON Mall Rycom
Just get a Kids-Playing Passport first!
07/02(Fri) - 8/26(Sat)
Also, please exchange the badge during this period of time.
Information counter, 2F
During the event, please join in target event in Rycom and collect the stamps!
1 stamp for 1 time participation! Please refer to Kid-Playing Passport Event marks
Collecting 5 stamps, to exchange 1 Playing-master badge!
The number of badge is limited.

Schedule 21/07/2017 (Fri.) - 26/08/2017 (Sat.)

03/08/2017 updated

「ASBee」 Shoe Brands Special Sale


ASBee has collected all name brand sneakers and sandals!!

You can find the latest items of Nike, Adidas, Birkenstock, ASICS Tiger,and all famous brands!!

Buy 2 pairs, get 10% OFF!!

All staff are waiting for your coming.

Schedule 31/07/2017 (Mon.) - 31/08/2017 (Thu.)
Hours 10:00~22:00
Place Before Global Work, 2F

02/08/2017 updated

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